Side Character Quest
The Cast

Sir Rodrick, Human Paladin

Sir Rodrick is played by Eli, the very first guest to come on SCQ! Rodrick is a young man in his mid-twenties and is in charge of protecting the small, quiet town of South Bend. Thing is, nothing much happens in South Bend these days, so I'm sure nothing bad happened to that missing child. You don't need to take everything so seriously, Rodrick. First Episode: ES1E01 Sir Rodrick Begins His Quest

Annie, Human Wizard

Lexie plays Annie, a wizard with a penchant for plants and an artistic way of weaving her spells. She was expecting to complete a ritual soon, but if she can't replace those components, who knows when she'll get her next chance. First Episode: S1E07 Annie Tries to Figure It Out

Silas, Human(?) Spooky

Amber joins us to play Monster of the Week (our only departure from D&D) as Silas, a mysterious, untrusting amnesiac surrounded by dark magic. Will she find answers, and will she slay the monster threatening Flughaven? First Episode: S1E10 Silas Doesn't Know

Kit, Human Summoner

Renee from Fate and the Fable Maidens joined us for a one-off Halloween special! Kit is just a young spell caster trying to have a good holiday. Find Renee on Twitter as @RaeDeAnneR to follow all of her work! First Episode: S1E16 Kit Gets Spooky

Deirdre, Half-Orc Cleric

Eliane of Capes and Japes joins us as Deirdre, an obedient servant to the church. The barren waste she and Father call home is dangerous and inhabited by dark magic, so when an old friend comes looking for protection, Deirdre is ready to help with a heavy club and a bit of clerical magic. Follow Eliane's show at @capesandjapes on Twitter. First Episode: S1E17 Deirdre Helps the Outcasts

Guildmaster Alton, Halfling Rogue

Mallory joins us as Alton. You wouldn't know it looking at his unassuming attire, but Alton actually runs one of the most successful and trusted guilds in Circ. You also wouldn't know that in his spare time he likes to steal things. First Episode: S1E20 Alton Steals the Show, Part 1

Glassmaster Eleanor Quail, Dwarven Arithmancer

Unlike all of the other player character's, Eleanor "Ellen" Quail was original going to be an NPC! Quail is an asocial guildmaster who would much rather be drafting a new stained glass design than dealing with strangers. Unfortunately for her, a customer needs her to gather a rare resource, and the customer is always right. First Episode: S1E31 Quail Takes Flight

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