Side Character Quest

E65 Mysteriously LLC Gets Down to Business, Guys

Halloween Special, Part 1

Audio Remastered on 10/23/2020

In part 1 of our yearly Halloween special, Ty takes a break from DMing and passes the reins to the most capable hands of our good pal Eli! Meet Mysteriously LLC as they travel to Southbend to investigate a haunted house...

Find Eli on Twitter as @SirEliOfThePine.

Gwinnora the Half-elf Bard was played by Tucker! Find Tucker as the Brofessor on his show WIDK - iDunnoRadio.

Maple the Gnome Rogue was played by Katelynn! Find Katelynn on Twitter as @ScreamsMcNutty, or on her show Unnatural 20's.

Lar Djëgll the Goblin Warlock was played by Jordan Reed! Find Jordan on Twitter as @jrdn_reed, or on his other show Spooky Spouses.

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